79 Luxury Small Living Room Apartment Decor Ideas

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If you decide to live at an apartment, you may need to decorate the living room to make you feel comfortable and excited to stay there longer. Even though your living room does not have big enough space, you will still be able to make it look luxurious. Your task is to find the most appropriate decoration and apply it. That is why this article will give you many living room apartment ideas that can inspire you.

With small space, you have to keep your apartment living room simple. Simplicity does not always mean not luxurious. You can still make it look luxurious with simple decoration. In this case, you should focus on the furniture first. It does not only relate to what furniture you should select for your apartment living room but also how to arrange it.

For your small apartment living room, you have to look for the furniture with smaller size especially the table. It should be adjusted to the space available. For the amount of chair, you do not need many chairs. Providing one long sofa and one single sofa is enough. To keep your living room organized well and neat, you have to be able to arrange them properly.

However, furniture is not the only thing to consider. You will also need to think about the color. In this case, you can prioritize dark color for the dominant color and add a little bright color. For the material, you also have to select materials that can bring luxury impression such as leather, glass, etc.

You can enhance your living room at your apartment significantly even with small space. We still have many other ideas of decoration. So, if you want to look for living room apartment ideas, you can scroll down our galleries below.

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