59+ Wondeful Summer Container Gardening Ideas Decorations And Makeover

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Summer is an exciting season that everybody awaits. However, not all countries have four seasons like summer, but there are a few similarities between summer and dry season in tropical climate countries. If you don’t have time to go on a vacation, then it is best to gardening instead. But, gardening in this article will be different than regular gardening, and it will be a container gardening. So, in this article, we will talk about summer container gardening ideas.

What is a container? Most people will think it is a flower pot. That is just 1/3 of the correct answer. Container gardening is a concept where you plant many different kinds of flowers in a single pot. With many different kinds of flower and their colors, your garden will look beautiful as ever, especially to color your garden in the summer.

It’s not just the flowers that are the main aspect, but the pot too. As a reference, let me show you some examples of summer container gardening ideas. The first example is to plant Buxus sempervirens, Veronica (Shirley Blue), and Ajuga (Chocolate Chip) in a wooden flower pot tub. As additional information, the wooden pots will make your garden looks in a rustic theme garden. It will fit in the summer because summer is very identic with a simple farmhouse in a remote area, which is the best place to spend summer.

There is also a container that will make the rest of your garden healthy. You can plant Scabiosa (Blue Diamond), Lavender (Felice), and Salvia (Sensation Deep Rose) in a ceramic light brown flower pot. If you wanna know what makes your garden healthy, they will be the bees. Flowers in purple and a light brown flower pot (ceramic color) are very attractive to bees, which make one of the best healthy summer container gardening ideas.

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