25+ Inspiring Coffee Tables That Steal Center Stage Design Ideas

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Let’s talk about coffee tables! Well, interior design is always interesting if we want to find out in more detail about things in it. It can be started from objects or furniture buddy! Interior decoration objects that are commonly applied but still often considered unimportant are coffee tables, buddy! Even though the coffee table itself is not just a piece of complementary furniture, but the coffee table itself has an important function as a room filler ornament. It can be seen from various coffee table design models, what are the forms of design models? Let’s look together:

Round – The elegant and luxurious room decoration will be your friend which is got from the circular coffee table design model with gold color finishing and mirror elements on the top. Buddy can use this round coffee table in the living room, so it gives an impression and warm atmosphere especially if you choose a neutral sofa color like beige or gray. So that the elegant atmosphere is getting stronger, apply yellow indirect light.

The wheel – If the ambiance of the room in the house you want to aim at is playful, young and cheerful the static coffee table design model won’t suit you, buddy! A dynamic coffee table design model, aka mobile, is the solution. Coffee table made of wood and using an iron wheel at the bottom of this friend can put it in a family room that is serious but relaxed.

Compact – For the interior design of small-sized rooms, compact furniture is a choice. The intended compact is small but functional. The compact applied to the coffee table design model below is round like a tube but at the bottom, it is open for use in storing books, and the coffee table is easily shifted because there are wheels at the bottom.

Rectangle – If you usually design around and small coffee table design, this time for a larger residential rectangular shaped coffee table can be chosen. This rectangular coffee table design can also be utilized by everyone as a work table because the tabletop can be stretched up like this.

image source: pinterest.com

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