40+ Nice Interior Design Around Walnut Wood Finishes Ideas

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Let’s talk about the headboard bed with walnut wood! Home design with walnut wood is very popular now. How about the quality of walnut wood? What ideas can be applied to design the interior of a house or bedroom with walnut wood? Come, see the following explanation!

The general view about walnut wood

Walnut wood is one of the quality raw materials for various furniture and furniture needs as well as household utensils. There are several types of Walnut wood by color, from light brown to black. But the color most widely used by the world community is the type of dark brown or dark brown. This wood is also a favorite for all needs because the level of hardness is very high and also resistant to extreme weather, and not easy to bend or shrink.

Headboard bed with walnut wood

The headboard on the bed is usually a package with the bed itself. This headboard can also be used as a visual effect on the room. For example by using this walnut wood.

This wood element is indeed used on the headboard of the bed with a unique cut. There are no similar cuts to this part of the headboard and make it look better. The first thing to notice in the case of this modern home is the interior design which is inspired by nature and the use of simple and basic materials in an interesting and exciting way.

Bedroom interior design idea with a walnut wood headboard

This bed, designed by Architects Ltd of Miller-Roodell, is very charming which makes full use of direct-edge wood. Its natural beauty can create a subtle but strong focal point throughout the room.

This headboard also seems to be the main part of the room. Especially after combined with a bench at the foot of the bed.

Then, there are also live-edge headboards that come in various shapes and sizes, each unique and beautiful in its own way.

This walnut headboard from Etsy can be easily paired with various bed frames, nightstands, and general decoration. It’s simple enough to suit a variety of styles and elegance and stylish enough to always stand out.

Not only the headboard is interesting in this case but the whole bed. The frame is made of black walnut, the headboard comes from live-edge cherry wood and the floating end table is a combination of the two. Not only that, LED accent lighting is a cool detail that makes the headboard stand out more.

Those are everything about ideas to design interior home with walnut wood.

image source: pinterest.com

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