24+ Amazing Creative Shade Ideas in Your Backyard Patio Designs

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Having a spacious and clean backyard is the dream of most people. As the most comfortable place, you certainly want your home to have a second side that you can make a place to relieve stress. To get this place, you can use the backyard by decorating it into small dreamland for you and your family.

One of the backyard designs that you can apply is the backyard patio design that emphasizes natural lighting from the sun and refreshing green grass. You will truly be pampered with natural peace without the need to go to the forest or the countryside. Besides the backyard, you can also apply this concept to the rooftop. With synthetic turf technology and some simple furniture, you can feel calm and free from the diversity of urban life.

One of the prominent things that characterize the style of the patio is adequate lighting. Use some typical garden lights with dim light to get the impression of artsy and also warm, especially at night. You can use it for family events such as barbecue parties, outdoor weddings, and family time. In addition to adequate lighting, you must also pay attention to the composition of the grass. To get green and healthy grass, fertilize the grass two times a week. You can also place several selected palms or other trees. It is better to choose a tree that is not too tall to facilitate maintenance.

To clarify the area but still natural, use a wooden tile on the shelter as a place to gather with family. If needed, add soft colored curtains to stay classy and homey but elegant and luxurious. In addition to wooden tiles, you can choose tiles with matching colors with natural stones such as light gray or cream. This, of course, suits your taste and personality.

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