40+ Admirable Dark Grey Home Decor With Warm LED Lighting Design Ideas

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Does your house use dark gray home decor? Do you want your house to look perfect and not monotonous? That’s very easy, to get rid of the monotonous impression of Drak Gray Home, you can use LED lights. How is the design? Come, see the following explanation!

Modern impression

Although in dark gray, decor using LED lights in the living room brings a modern impression. Moreover, this corner can be a mainstay where you meet with the family. Strip type LED lights are one of the unique applications to display the modern impression. Determining Lighting in terms of color is also important to choose to use LED lights like this.

LED Setup on the stairs

Stairs do not have to always be an ordinary element of the house. The role of the stairs connecting the terraced part of the house is equally interesting to decorate more nicely. In addition to coating it with fabric, carpet, or other materials, you can decorate your household with LED lights. Apply the LED lights on the stairs or railing stairs at your dark gray home. The light from the LED lights will bring a new experience at home.

A broad impression in the narrow guest room

Leave an impression on the hearts of your guests by installing LED lights that support the appearance of furniture or home interiors. To suit your living room You don’t need a large space to keep your character. To get around the narrow living room, apply the LED light panel on the ceiling or ceiling throughout the room. You can display strongly on display paintings or photos on the wall by using a highlight using LED lights. Your house’s paintings and plants will be safe because LED technology does not emit heat and UV light.

LED pendant lamp hanging container

The living room and dining room are the right places to communicate. So it is not wrong if you carefully choose the lights for this room. You can try using LED lights that are applied to the ceiling of the house or standing type at the corner of the room. You can also apply the LED lights in the pendant container that is on the dining table so that the highlight of the lamp is directed to the dish at the dining table.

Those are the applications of LED light at a dark gray home.

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