39+ Awesome DIY Chandelier Hummingbird Feeder Ideas

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Are you a morning person? What is it that you like about the morning? For a lot of people, they love the feeling of waking up before sunrise and go outside to enjoy nature. Birds singing in your ears and morning breeze are welcoming and refreshing. It can be hard to achieve to get that if you don’t have many birds around your house. But, you can do the trick by making a DIY chandelier bird feeder to attract Hummingbird or other species to your home.

Put food and water in your bird feeder and many birds will come to your home every day. If you’re lucky, some will even make a nest on trees around your house. Place your chandelier bird feeder in your garden among the flowers. This will make it easier for them to find. You can also place it outside your window. It is going to be an amazing show every time a bird’s feasting on your bird feeder. Have fun watching them through the window.

You need to consider some a couple of things when putting up your bird feeder. You have to place it in a somewhat higher place. This is because you want to avoid it from the cats. You want to ensure that the birds won’t get eaten. Make a DIY chandelier bird feeder as that solution. A chandelier idea will make it automatically out of reach from a cat. Secure it in outside your window or under a tall branch in your garden. Your bird feeder in chandelier form will also make it easier to remove for a quick cleaning.

If you want to know how you can make your bird feeder, look into this article for some pointers. You can see from the gallery many examples of how other people make their chandelier bird feeder. See more of them to find one or two inspirations on how you should do it in your garden. Hopefully, after you make it, you can experience the amazing feeling of waking up before sunrise with Hummingbird songs greeting your morning.

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