78+ Luxury Farmhouse Tile Shower Ideas Remodel

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Choosing a tile shower is tricky. Instead of getting a comfortable bathroom, you could endanger yourself if you get a slippery tile shower. You need to pay attention to the comfort and beauty aspects of the bathroom by choosing the right tile shower

In the picture above, you can refer to a luxurious bathroom that combines classic and modern concepts at the same time. The choice of a soothing interior color will increase peace in the bathroom. The advantage of this concept is, you don’t need to use too many electric lights, so it is more environmentally friendly. Also, you can freely move around the room because of the use of minimalist furniture.

For wall tiles, you don’t need to pay much attention to texture. Choose ceramic material that is shiny and easy to clean to present a clean impression. If you don’t want to use ceramics, choose the color of paint that matches ceramics to create harmony. The use of adequate ventilation and lighting is also essential so that airflow continues to run well.

Besides, you can install additional accessories such as synthetic plants to add a fresh impression and shades of green like the picture above. You can also add artsy paintings to decorate the walls. Choose a theme that matches the bathroom, like the ocean or other images.

Vertical installation of glass walls is handy to get around the size of the bathroom that is not too broad, so it looks more full. To get the impression of a higher bathroom, attach the wall tiles vertically. You can also combine with similar colors to produce elegantly graded bathroom colors. Instead, use soft colors like pastels to make it easier to mix and match with other colors. Don’t forget to adjust it to the color of the floor to make it more harmonious.

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