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Having a dream house with a unique home interior must be pride. Unique themes and beautiful furnishings will add an elegant and homey impression to the residents. Besides, you will feel a paradise and tranquility that you could not get before. Staying at home you can do it all day if the outside feels so burdensome.

Modern concepts are always the best choice when determining the home interior design. Like the picture above, you can combine the classic style shown by furniture, which is mostly made of wood, then the installation of some additional accessories such as classic lamps that make your home cozier. Also, the choice of dark green is very compatible with modern concepts that are natural, close to nature, and soothing. To be more functional, choose vertical furniture that can be used in other functions. The picture above selects a room divider that can be used as bookshelves and also the dividing wall between rooms.

The advantages of the house, like the picture above, are easy to clean. Because of the use of furniture that is not too much, you can freely clean areas that are often affected by dirt, such as floors, walls, and windows. Then, this house is also relatively more environmentally friendly. The use of minimalist electric lights and maximizing natural lighting will reduce the effects of global warming. Also, furniture which is mostly made of wood will also be more efficient than using iron.

To be more colorful, the installation of several small objects is also important. You can apply it to carpets, pillows, dolls, and some wall hangings. This picture shows the right harmony between modern and classical concepts without losing each other’s characteristics. However, do not overly damage the theme and according to the established concept. Finally, all of these designs can be adjusted to your creativity and favorites.

image source: pinterest.com

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