35+ Creative And Simple DIY Vertical Garden Ideas

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The vertical garden model has now become a trend for some groups, especially those who have limited land but have hobbies and activities such as planting flowers, vegetables or fruits. This model is also a solution for those who have difficulty finding more land for these activities.

Because it has become part of the needs in the household, usually we can also find models of this vertical garden in-home appliance shops. It looks good, but the problem here is sometimes the price offered is more expensive.

No wonder because of course, this is the influence of various other cost factors such as sales costs, tax costs, or other costs. So, the solution to deal with these problems is to make it yourself. Indeed, it is more simple to buy than to have to make from scratch, but still, the resulting price difference will be very far away.

Especially if you find tools and materials that are sold at a fairly cheap price and good quality, of course, you have saved money you have to spend to buy a vertical garden model. After having the tools and materials, the next step is to just look for tutorials on how to make and make the model you want.

You just look for it on the internet for tutorials on how to make it, and also what kind of model ideas you want to make. Just select according to the tools and materials that you have provided, and also adjust to the needs and location that you will make as a place to put this later.

If you are confused and lazy to look for it again, you can find various interesting ideas and examples here too, of course. It could be, the vertical garden model that you want and dream of will be here.

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