20 Fashionable Kitchens From Elmar Cucine

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Fashionable kitchen design ideas would be a trend in this year. The one in the picture you have seen is from Elmar Cucine. The main keys to creating a fashionable kitchen design are on everything. Since the kitchen can be the focal point in a home, it is important to consider the functionality and its style.

So, if you are considering this idea, we have some tips you can follow to make one of these beautiful kitchens by Elmar Cucine. Dark colors for cabinets are the trend of fashionable kitchens while white colors are ready to leave the spotlight.

White cabinets might suit any kind of kitchen but dark colors will bring the elegant yet fashionable vibe to your kitchen instantly. Dark colors that will be entering the trend in 2020 is black, emerald green, and also plum. You will be amazed by how luxurious and dramatic dark cabinets in fashionable kitchen design ideas.

Dark colors are followed by streamlined designs, textures, and materials. Aesthetic is still the key but streamlined designs would dominate the whole scene without making it looks boring. Upper wall cabinets have become an old trend so those can be removed. In the end, it creates more airy space in the kitchen while it looks brighter and bigger.

It also allows the homeowner to use countertop more effectively and productively. Everything will be streamlined and this is where you should apply textures. Feel free to add a pop color into your kitchen to stay fashionable.

However, it should match with the whole scheme of your kitchen. If you choose black like the one in the picture, you may stick with white for the backsplash and floor. Make sure you infuse textures in it. The pop color can be applied as an accent. It will make the color feels alive and homely even if you use fashionable kitchen design ideas.

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