81+ Unbelievable Room Dividers and Separators With Selves Design

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For those of you who like to live side by side with others, but still want privacy, you can try using room separators. Room dividers can be used anywhere according to your needs. The main function of the room separators is to clarify the area. The shape can vary. Starting from the simplest such as curtains, wooden boards, to moveable bookshelves. But now, its function can be to add a homey and modern impression on the home.

If you are the type of dynamic person and easily bored, we recommend using a room divider that can be moved at any time. The advantages are, you can easily change the position of the room separator without consuming a lot of space. Or if you like something simple and not complicated, use folding room separators so you can keep them when you aren’t using them. This can also add the impression of ‘more free space’ to your room.

Room separators do not only apply to large rooms. The minimalist room can also be designed in such a way using this object. You will get the impression of artsy without wasting the available space. Use a multifunctional room separator like the picture above. You can put electronic items such as television and also small items such as books, flower pots, photos, and other objects. Maximize the size of a narrow room by choosing a high room separator so that it can be used for many items.

In order not to take up much space, place it in the middle of the room to separate it from the other side, such as between the living room and the kitchen. You can also place this room separator in your children’s bedroom.
However, improper use of room separators will only add to the narrow impression of your room. Therefore, please consider the position and place of installation.

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