61+ Magnificent Rustic Interior with Italian Tuscan Style Decorations

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If you like modern classic concepts for interiors, you should try Italian interior design. Modern and traditional typical Italian styles will create a strong, elegant, and romantic atmosphere. So no wonder many people are decorating their homes according to the Renaissance. Not only private homes, shops and cafes too many who adopt this style and become an attraction for these kinds of buildings.
This concept can not only be applied to large houses but also minimalist homes as long as he has the characteristics of Italian design if you are curious about how to change the interior design of your home. According to the Italian style, like the picture above, consider each of the decorations.

Decorating the walls of the house like the Italian style, pay attention to the matter of texture. Italian interior design has a prominent characteristic, which is rich in texture. Use special painting techniques using sponges, soft brushes, and others. Besides, choose colors that present a warm impression such as light brown, cream, orange, and soothing colors like pastels. The color will arouse the spirit and beautiful romantic impression.

The second important thing you need to consider when creating an Italian design for your home interior is the selection of furniture. The famous Italian style has intricate carvings and lots of decoration. Choose natural wood colors such as light brown or black. To add to the artistic impression, use furniture made of iron for certain rooms such as coffee tables in the living room.

Add a thick feel of Italy, and you can use additional accessories such as ceramic jars, classic paintings, or mirrors with traditional carvings. Combine with the right lighting layout, such as the use of candles or classic-style yellow lights to make it warmer. Be even more harmonious, use thin curtains of soft color, and harmonious with soothing wall colors. For the part that faces out, you can use thick curtains with a darker color than the wall color to get the impression of elegance and modernity at the same time.

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