90+ Classy Hanging Mason Jar Sconces Decorations Ideas

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Mason Jar sconces is a small hanging decoration that can be placed on your dining room, bedroom, living room, or any place you want to put it on. Hanging the Mason jar Sconces on your cabinet or wall add the mystique ambiance and warmth to your house. However, you can get this small beautiful thing is any online store around the world. Or else, you can apply the simple DIY tricks to create your mason jar. Use it as a gift for your best friend's birthday and feel the joyfulness

The picture above is an example of a mason jar with the simplest design. The choice of lamp color is the most important thing after considering the size of the Mason jar itself. To be more beautiful and sweet, you can add flower decorations or anything on it. The picture above can be copied in terms of color selection. You can insert a greeting card between flowers if you give it to someone special.

You can put it anywhere. However, choosing places with minimum lighting is the best choice. Romantic and warm nuances will spread strongly. In addition to using lights, you can also use a small candle without covering the mouth of a Mason jar. However, this is not practical. You should replace the candle regularly when it runs out. To be more efficient, turn off the lights during the day. Let the flowers dominate the beauty of the mason jar hanging on the wall.

In addition to design examples like the picture above, you can also be creative and innovate with your imagination. You can use materials that are not used to be more efficient and also environmentally friendly. Or else, you can easily get a set of Mason jar with flower and light at various online stores, such as Amazon.

image source: pinterest.com