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The traditional rural house concept is still a favorite trend today. The combination of tranquility and natural harmony becomes the main point of rustic interior design. Aside from being homey and comfortable, you can feel adventurous vibes at the same time. The use of furniture which is mostly made of wood will add the impression of go green and environmentally friendly and warm.

For added convenience, you can combine it with a modern touch so you can still feel the luxury and serenity of a traditional, rural feel at the same time. This concept is perfect for those of you who are bored with hectic urban life and want to feel natural peace. To support your great idea, choose a room that is suitable and quieter than the other one. You can apply it to the bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Choose a room that faces the view directly such as the backyard or swimming pool. This is so that the room gets enough natural lighting and minimizes the use of electricity during the day like the concept of modern homes in general. The use of large glass windows is also important to support this modern concept.

Meanwhile, to apply the rustic concept, you can play on the main furniture of the room. The use of wooden floors, dining tables, chairs, and also cabinets or even the use of wooden walls will add an elegant and traditional impression at the same time.

For room detailing, use small items made from recycled materials such as picture frames, wall clocks, and small flower pots. The use of these items will add to the arty impression in the room.

The advantage of this modern rustic concept is minimal use of electric lights, because it relies on natural lighting from the sun, easy to clean, and easy to replace if you are bored.

image source: pinterest.com