100+ Stunning Shipping Container House Design Ideas

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Everyone must have a dream to build a very spacious house. However, some people just want to have a very minimalist home. The current minimalist house trend is not a house of type 36, 42, and 54, but now the latest is a container house. This house is very famous for its uniqueness. This is because this house is made of shipping containers. As we know, the size of containers, in general, is not too big. Therefore, for lovers of minimalist homes, this container house is the most favorite. To make the narrow room wider, here are tips that can be used in shipping container house design.

Make a window – The first thing that is very important when building a container house is the window. In general, shipping containers do not have air holes or light, so the space inside is very tightly closed. The air and light that enters it are only through the door. Just imagine if the container house does not have a window? Then the room will feel narrower, darker, and also stuffy. Therefore, make a window at some desired point so that air and sunlight can enter the room.

Bright color – After the window, the sunlight will come in and make the room bright. However, what if at night? The use of bright colors can support the shipping container house design in your home. Choose white, navy, beige, or other colors. If you are confused about choosing a paint color, you can change it using wallpaper. Choose white with beautiful motifs. The use of this bright color will make your home brighter in the morning, afternoon, evening and even at night.

Minimalist furniture – Because the space in one container is very narrow, then you have to use furniture that suits your needs. Use enough furniture so that your home is not too crowded with various objects. Also, choose just one accessory that can attract the attention of guests who come to your home.

So, those are the important things that you should pay attention to if you want to have a shipping container house design. Although minimalist, this house will still make the residents comfortable and comfortable.

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